The Villain’s Paradox

Refers to the specific phenomenon in which a Villain, Anti-hero, Enemy (person or state), acts as a catalyst that directly or indirectly (e.g. in terms of causality) results in a net improvement of long-term wellbeing (from a pre-catalyst vs post-catalyst basis) to those who originally opposed said Villain.

Colindando Colombia
Cuánta belleza por haber.
Campos verdes esmeralda.
Colinas grandes por doquier.

Costeña playa, piel bronceada,
Combina tu rubio resplandecer.
Colindame esta, Colombia mía.
Calentura, coca, y la 2C

Calidez, canto y caricias.
Calmantes tus fronteras son.
Caigo dentro de tu encanto,
Cambiantes toques al corazón.

Chica a grande, a grandes chicas.
Coquetas siempre, mas aun profundas.
Con vistas hermosas, curveadas reposan,
Comprando milagros a cada día.

Camino ya a casa,
Carroza a calabaza.
Cuanto te extrañare.

Calmen montañas,
Colindamos más mañana.
Colombia aquí te quedas,
Cerca de mi corazón.


Apple of my eye.
Beat of my heart.
Core of my soul.

I gaze upon you, often and with intent.
Trying to understand what it is you seek.
Papers, pictures, paint… none seem to give you peace.

What is it you want?
For which you carry torch?
An idea of yourself, perhaps?
You oughta know.

For holding fast,
to something you cannot first grasp;
means you might never recognize it,
when it passes you by.

My beautiful Ella,
my ever-fair wife.
Do not resent life, nor age;
instead take them in stride.